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Have you lost your Beats Headphones?

We’ve all been there and lived through the nightmare.
It feels like someone has cut off your lifeline in an instant. Without your headphones, you won’t have an upbeat soundtrack for your workout sessions, or soothing music to unwind after a hectic day. Plus, there won’t be any excuse to ignore people on the subway when you’re out and about the city.
Worst of all, you can no longer listen to your favorite tracks 24/7.

For this reason, turning the house upside down to search for missing headphones is a logical knee-jerk reaction. You can’t help but manically search for ways to track your Beats headphones. I have done it a few times myself until a friend taught me how to find lost Beats headphones without having a meltdown.
So let me nudge you in the right direction. You’ve just got to keep calm and read on.

Let’s go:

How to Find Lost Beats Headphones?

Let’s get one thing straight Beats Headphones don’t have GPS.
This is why finding it is more challenging than other Bluetooth devices. This, however, doesn’t mean that tracking a lost Beats headphone is impossible, though. There is still hope for you in certain circumstances and if luck is by your side.
So whether you own a pair of Beats X, Powerbeats, or the classic noise-canceling Beats Studio, it doesn’t matter. My simple how-to guide can show you how to track your Beats headphones and find it in a matter of hours.
The idea is to make use of the Beats headphones features you love so much, to your advantage. 

Here are three different ways to search for the missing headset:

 The coolest thing about Beats headphones is the ultra-powerful Bluetooth connectivity. You know the one that makes it possible to pair the headset with multiple devices. The feature also allows you to enjoy uninterrupted music wherever you go, even if the device isn’t nearby.
For instance, Powerbeats allows Bluetooth connection at a range of (2-30 feet). This is highly convenient for you if you’ve lost your headphones.

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